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    Second Mortgage


    Why would you need a second mortgage?

    A second mortgage can be used in different situations. Common reasons to take out a second mortgage are:

    • You want to consolidate debt. A second mortgage can be used to pay off your high-interest debt (like credit cards and student loans) so you can focus on paying back a single loan at a potentially lower interest rate.
    • You need to borrow for a major purchase. Say you need to fund a renovation or pay for your child’s education. With a second mortgage, you can use the equity you’ve built in your home to pay for big-ticket items you may not otherwise have the cash for.
    • You want to buy a second property. This could be a cottage, a vacation home or an investment property. Whatever it is, a second mortgage can help you purchase it.

    Why Get a Second Mortgage?


    Home Improvements


    Pay Off /Consolidating Debt


    Improve Your Credit

    How to Get Started


    Call us or apply online

    Take a few minutes to talk to one of our Specialists to help us understand your situation and your goals.


    Follow our simple process

    Follow our simplified and proven process to allow us to personalize the best solution for you.


    Receive your funds

    Once your paperwork is signed, receive your funds in as little as two business days. 

    Why Use A Mortgage Broker

    At CENTUM, we’ve been successfully delivering the best rate for tens of thousands of satisfied clients for over 15 years throughout Canada.

    CENTUM is built on the philosophy of matching a mortgage to your unique situation and not the other way around. We negotiate with multiple lenders to get you the best rate on the best product. We are dedicated to knowing the mortgage system and having the industry knowledge required to present an appealing proposal for home financing to any lender.  We do the due diligence, the paperwork and the legwork to make sure you will be on your way to smart home ownership!


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